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Questionable Hair Fashion – The Bob

In American culture, probably the most questionable hair fashion started within the 1920s. In the center of the historic great debate in hair fashion may be the hair do famously referred to as “the bob”. This haircut was initially introduced throughout the Great War and would will continue to define and revolutionise women’s haircut forever.

The Beginnings

In 1915, there is a castle named “Castle Bob”. It had been named following a celebrated famous ballroom dancer known as Irene Bob. At that time, she styled her hair having a blunt cut which was level with the foot of her ears round her mind for convenience. Little did she expect that they would forever be connected having a revolution in 20th-century hair fashion using the rise from the famous hair do “the bob”. It was the very first trigger that eventually brought towards the short hair trend.

The Modification

“The bob” was worn either with bangs or using the hair brushed from the brow. It had been a simple look however a completely different one in the traditional lengthy feminine looks produced by Gibson and Marcel. It had been generally known that whenever a lady had her haircut short, she increased bolder and started to get more rebellious with what she put on and do. The disposable-spirited youth in those days readily accept the brand new look as something fresh and bold which coincides using the major alternation in societal norms and values throughout the 1920s. On May 1, 1920, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” was printed within the Saturday Evening Publish. It had been concerning the heroics of the youthful lady who undergo the barber’s shears and transform right into a smooth-speaking vamp. Many youthful women in those days considered her like a example and thought about being like her.

Fashion & media

By 1921, the style and media industry started to take serious notice of the new hair do. They started to embrace “the bob” with designer “Coco” and actresses Clara Bow and Louise Brooks at the forefront as example. Soon, youthful women everywhere required the plunge and started bobbing their head of hair.

Trends and fears

A lot of women started to soon end up getting to manage the conclusion on whether or not to stick to the trend and bob their head of hair or remain with lengthy hair. A lot of women were afraid the lengthy hair would rapidly gain popularity again once they bobbed their head of hair. Many professional hair publications also predicted an instantaneous go back to lengthy hair.

Women takeover

It’s difficult to imagine but in those days, cutting-of-hair was still being men-dominated occupation. Lengthy-lines of ladies were standing with patience outdoors barbershops awaiting their use be bobbed. Initially, professional hairdressers declined to simply accept “the bob”. However, after losing many clients and profits to barbers, many hairdressers were gradually having into accepting “the bob”. Using the participation from the hairdressers, modern-day versions of “the bob” were introduced with waved or shingled styles.


There are lots of controversies surrounding “the bob”. In Nj, an instructor was purchased by her Board of your practice to allow her hair grow. Preachers cautioned that “a bobbed lady is really a disgraced lady.” You can even find men that divorced their spouses over bobbed hair. One large mall also fired all employees putting on bobbed hair.

Rise of Beauty Industry

As difficult because it is to assume, the bobbed hair fashion began or at best boosted the beginning of the wonder industry. From 5,000 to 21,000 hairdressing shops in five years, the wonder industry boomed. Bobbing also offers brought towards the adoption of other aids to non-public adornment, leading to flourishing beauty shops everywhere.

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